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At Bright Ideas Lighting, we are in business to provide for our most valuable asset, our customers, true value. By true value, we mean offering high quality, energy efficient lighting products at real world, competitive prices. At the same time, we are genuinely concerned about educating our customers on ways to save money by reducing energy usages or lowering the costs associated with maintenance. From something as simple as recommending installing LED conversion lamps in a breakroom, to designing a daylight harvesting system for a multi-level parking deck, we can help. All said, we do all this for a somewhat selfish reason: we really enjoy what we do. We thank you for letting us serve you!




Commericial Interior

  • Specification grade direct/indirect recessed, surface mounted and suspended fixtures for office, classroom, health care and general ambient lighting.
  • High and low bay lighting for manufacturing, warehousing, sports facilities, and retail spaces.

Architectural Indoor

  • Decorative sconces, pendants, cylinders and track/rail systems for various applications including restaurants, artriums, hospitality, galleries, and much more. 
  • Linear LED for accent and cove applications. Includes low profile LED extrusions designed to highlight and dilineate trims/edges

Commercial Exterior

  • Area luminaires and floodlighting for site, roadways, and automotive. Feature illumination and general security. 
  • Wall packs, recessed fixtures, and cylinders designed to illuminate building facades, canopies, tunnels, loading docks, and general security. 

Architectural Exterior

  • Decorative and architecturally inspired fixtures (pole tops, bollards, ingrounds), poles and site amentities for streetscapes, parks and campuses. 
  • Wall mounted, decorative sconces as well as high impact/vandal resistant fixtures for demanding environments. 

Life Safety & Controls

  • We distribute for several manufacturers of emergency and exit light fixtures and inverters for architectural, commercial and industrial applications. 
    Low voltage controls and dimming as well as low and line voltage occupance and vacancy sensors. 

Poles & Structures

  • All types of poles including steel, aluminum, composite (fiberglass) and spin concrete. Decorative or non-decorative, anchor base or direct burial, 10 feet or 75 feet: we have them all; and flagpoles too!

Maintenance & Upgrades

  • We offer a complete line of replacement lamps, ballasts, and parts for all fixture types, including linear, CFLs, HID, incandescent, halogen, LEF and specialty (including projection lamps). 
  • In addition, we specialize in retrofit lamps designed to upgrade existing light fixtures in order to save energy and lessen maintenance. 

Solar Lighting

  • Get off the grid! Sustainable, dependable illumination anywhere you want it. Transportation  stops, pathways, crosswalks, remote areas: The applications are endless. We offer high quality, pole mounted luminaires and bollards that are self-contained (LED fixture/solar module/batteries/controls are integral to ones housing) No wiring = no electrician = $$$ savings. 

Design Services

  • We provide lighting plans for both interior and exterior projects. We use AGi32 lighting software for our calculations and incorpate the most suitable product types into your design. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and other concerned parties (architects, engineers, etc). In order to give you the design you desire at a cost that suits your budget. 

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